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Jeffrey Litwak

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NOW AVAILABLE: Fourth Edition -Fully revised and released July 2020

The law governing formal agreements between U.S. states is unique. Litwak’s Interstate Compact Law continues to throw bright light on all facets of compact law as it compares and contrasts compact law with other intergovernmental agreements. This new edition, the Fourth, includes a new chapter on compacts with international participation.


Covering materials through Spring 2020, the book includes all the cases, both historical and recent, that are vital to understanding the ways that states cooperate through interstate compacts. The cases have been edited to focus on the compact at issue, in addition to core legal principles.  Notes and questions present related materials, supporting and contrary examples, and inviting discussion points.


Examining how and why States cooperate, Litwak takes students through the interwoven constitutional, contractual, and administrative law of compacts. Still the only comprehensive book about the law of such agreements, Interstate Compact Law prepares lawyers to apply compact law principles to any manner of intergovernmental cooperation, including states’ agreements with foreign governments.

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