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John T. Parry

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Cases and Problems in Civil Rights Litigation provides an innovative approach to this complex, difficult, and important area of law. The book first situates federal civil rights litigation in a broader context by exploring sovereign immunity and state tort remedies for official misconduct. Next, the book presents the three primary forms of constitutional civil rights litigation: Ex parte Young, 42 U.S.C. § 1983, and Bivens. After giving students a basic understanding of these causes of action, the book devotes chapters to the most common substantive claims, proper defendants, immunity defenses, and remedies. The last chapters of the book address two special topics: the intersection of civil rights claims with the criminal justice system (including an overview of habeas corpus law), and an introduction to the possibilities for international human rights litigation in U.S. courts.

Just as important, Cases and Problems in Civil Rights Litigation repeatedly asks students to test their understanding of the law. The book begins with several fact patterns, and every chapter contains additional fact patterns drawn from real incidents and cases. Students also have the opportunity to complete two practice exercises: a civil rights complaint, and a memorandum in support of a motion to dismiss a complaint on qualified immunity grounds.

This unique blend of theory, doctrine, context, and practice will immerse students in the world of civil rights litigation and provide essential tools for practice in this area.

NOW AVAILABLE: Third Edition – Fully revised and released October 2020
The new Third Edition includes updated treatment of Bivens actions after Ziglar v. Abbasi, new sections on searches, seizures, and medical treatment, and numerous other revisions throughout the book. Most significant are new sections that ask students to assess excessive force and qualified immunity doctrine in the wake of the protests over the police killing of George Floyd.

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Download all or part of this book

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