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James Grimmelmann

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NOW AVAILABLE: Ver. 4.0 -Fully revised and released July 2014.  

Version 4.0 features over twenty new cases and other principal materials, including a new chapter on software patents, extensive coverage of NSA surveillance, and significantly expanded discussion of network neutrality. Also new are materials on Bitcoin, the right to be forgotten in the E.U., and venue in criminal prosecutions. Other sections have been substantially reworked, with updated coverage of the Fourth Amendment in the wake of Riley v. California  and Section 230 after Jones v. Dirty World. Questions throughout have been sharpened, and the technical introduction now features a section on the basics of cryptography. An excellent book that just keeps getting better!

In this casebook author James Grimmelmann provides tightly edited cases, focused questions, and topical problems to direct students' attention to critical issues. Mini-essays provide the technical background to make sense of Internet technologies and the historical conetext to make sense of Internet law. The core of the book can be taught comfortably in a 3-credit course, but professors can easily use the book's embarassment of riches to explore topics of interest. The casebook responds to the "law of the horse" critique by embracing the doctrinal diversity of Internet Law. It prepares students for complex, real-life practice by showing how actual Internet cases raise interrelated problems from throughout law.  

Download all or part of this book

For James Grimmelmann's Internet Law: Cases & Problems (Ver. 4.0 2014) you have an additional option:  a printed and bound copy from LuLu press. The price of this bound version is $58.50.  This price includes LuLu's cost of printing, LuLu's 20% "cut" of any amount charged above the printing cost and the base price ($30) that Semaphore Press suggests be paid for the digital copy of the book.  Because the LuLu price has the $30 suggested price built in, after you purchase a printed copy of the book from LuLu, you should absolutely feel free to download a digital copy of the book from Semaphore Press using the "freeride" button at the bottom of the book's payment page.  Click here to be taken to the LuLu press page for Internet Law: Cases & Problems.

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